Addressing homelessness and addiction issues in our community: If re-elected, treatment Mark will strike a broadly-based and collaborative Task Force on Homelessness, search Mental Health and Addictions with a highly focused mandate and timeline to identify proven solutions to address homelessness in Yellowknife.

Tackling the cost of living: The City has an important role to play in mitigating increases to housing prices by ensuring a consistent supply of new and more affordable housing stock. Following a year of research, we are also well positioned to implement innovative programs to assist our residents in controlling the high cost of energy.

Revitalizing Downtown Yellowknife: Through business incubation programs and redevelopment incentives established over the past three years, we’re ready to take the next steps in revitalizing Yellowknife’s downtown for the benefit of businesses and residents.

Investing in Infrastructure: Investing in critical infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks, and water and sewer pipes is a core function of local government and a continued emphasis on maintenance and replacement of aging infrastructure is imperative.

Focusing on Yellowknife’s Local Economy: The next three years are crucial in determining our community’s economic future. We should continue to support responsible mineral resource development in the region, but also look to tourism, higher education and to smaller industries – such as local food production – to diversify our economy. A focus on sustainable development will be key to these efforts.